BBL™ Laser

Broadband Light Therapy uses intense light energy to help your skin heal and develop new, undamaged skin cells. 

BBL Laser in O'Fallon, IL

Why Choose Forever Young BBL™ Laser?

Sciton’s Forever Young BBL™ laser provides patients with clearer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin. Look years younger and slow down the clock on skin aging with Forever Young BBL™ laser treatments at Pure 111.

What Are The Benefits of Forever Young BBL™ Laser?

There are many laser skin treatments on the market that promise results of varying degrees and downtime. If you’re looking for a quick treatment that provides long lasting results with minimal downtime, then FDA-cleared BBL™ laser may be right for you.

The Forever Young BBL™ Laser Treatment offers Minimal downtime: Most patients resume normal activities immediately. Long lasting results: Studies include patients treated 10+ years ago. Fast treatment: Precisely treat age & sun spots, small facial veins, acne & flushing, blushing & rosacea in a single treatment session. It is effective on all body areas including face, neck, back of hands, chest, shoulders and arms.

About The Forever Young BBL™ Laser

Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics

What It Treats:

• Age and sun spots
• Small facial veins
• Acne and rosacea

Procedure Time:

• 20-30 minutes for face

• 30-50 for face, neck and chest

Recovery Time:

• Little to no downtime
• “Peppering” may occur and will slough off in 5 to 7 days

Realistic Results:

• Results start to become apparent after 1-2 weeks

• Full results of the treatment should be assessed after 1 month

• Minimum of 3 treatments is recommended


What Can You Expect After Your BBL™ Laser Treatment?

Following your BBL™ laser treatment, you may experience what feels like a sunburn. Your skin may be red and/or have mild swelling, which will resolve within a few hours. If your treatment plan includes pigment correction, you may experience a “peppering effect”, where your pigment will appear darker before it improves. This effect can last 7-10 days.

Your treated skin will feel smoother; fine lines and pores will be less noticeable; and sunspots or uneven pigmentation will fade. Results depend on your condition, the number of treatments, and the area treated. We will provide you with complete information about the post-treatment care and results.

You will be sensitive to ultraviolet light and you must avoid direct sun exposure for a minimum of 4 weeks. Before and after the treatment protect your skin by wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a good sunscreen anytime you venture outdoors.


We recommend scheduling a consultation to learn more about the BBL™ laser treatment as it relates to your treatment, goals, and expected results. Our team wants to make sure you are a good candidate. Prior to that first appointment, however, this section of BBL™ laser questions and answers can help you prepare for that consultation.

How long does a BBL™ laser treatment take?

Your laser treatment can take a few minutes to a full hour, depending on the treatment area. A full face BBL™ treatment can take 20-30 minutes.

Does BBL™ hurt?

For some patients the sensation created by the BBL™ laser treatment can fee uncomfortable. This feeling is similar to a rubber band snap and is short lived.

We use a topical numbing cream prior to the procedure to ensure your comfort. You may feel a warm sensation or what feels like light rubber band snaps. After treatment, you may feel like you have a light sunburn; this sensation passes within a few hours.

What’s the difference between BBL™ laser and BBL plastic surgery?

The BBL™ laser is a laser skin rejuvenation treatment and is not related to BBL™ plastic surgery. In plastic surgery, BBL™ refers to “Brazilian Butt Lift.” With laser skin rejuvenation, BBL™ refers to “Broadband light.”

What is the difference between IPL and BBL™ laser?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is less advanced than BBL™ (Broadband Light). BBL™ is a more targeted treatment with more precision and accuracy. BBL™ is also considered safer and more efficient, especially for patients with darker skin tones. For every 6 IPL treatments, you will likely require only 3 BBL™ treatments.

Does BBL™ laser tighten skin?

The BBL™ laser speeds up skin cell turnover to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, replacing those areas with younger-looking skin. The heat that penetrates the skin makes the cells below tighter, restoring a more youthful look.

What is the downtime with BBL™ laser therapy?

This is a noninvasive and gentle procedure with virtually no downtime. In most cases, you are immediately able to return to work, apply makeup, and resume most activities. You will have to wear sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight for several weeks before and after each treatment. Following each treatment, you may experience mild swelling and redness, which will last for a few hours.

Are there any risks or complications associated with BBL™ laser treatments?

As with any skin treatment, technology in inexperienced hands increases risk. By coming to Pure 111, you ensure that your providers are experienced, skilled laser specialists and aesthetic nurses.This improves treatment safety and reduces the risk of complications or serious side-effects.

That being said, all treatments carry risk. To reduce risk, it’s important that you follow all pre- and post-procedure instructions. During your consultation, we will look over your medical history, including medications, vitamins, and supplements, to make sure you can safely have BBL™ laser treatments. We will also discuss your health, allergies, and medical history.

The most common side-effects of the BBL™ laser are mild and include skin redness and swelling, which subside within a few hours following treatment.

Broadband Light Therapy (BBL™) treats a range of cosmetic concerns with a single treatment approach. If you are considering Broadband Light Therapy (BBL™) in O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh, or the surrounding areas of Illinois, contact Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics to schedule a consultation.