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EmSculpt® NEO

By combining multiple body sculpting technologies, EmSculpt® NEO can simultaneously burn fat and build muscle to help patients achieve dramatic improvements in their figures. 

woman using emsulp machine

What is EmSculpt® NEO?

EmSculpt® NEO is an advanced body sculpting treatment that can simultaneously reduce fat and build muscle. This non-invasive technique can be used to address the arms, legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

How EmSculpt® NEO Works

EmSculpt® NEO uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) and radiofrequency to deliver results. The HIFEM energy triggers muscle contractions, forcing the muscles to adapt and strengthen. The secret to EmSculpt® NEO is that this process activates muscles far more effectively than a traditional workout. In fact, this 30-minute process is the equivalent of doing over 20,000 crunches! The radiofrequency component heats and melts fat, allowing the body to remove the destroyed fat cells from the system. Combined, the EmSculpt® NEO system is a powerful tool for building muscle and reducing fat in a targeted area.

About EmSculpt® NEO

Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics


• Reduced fat

• Enhanced muscle mass

• Improved muscle definition and figure

• Suitable for arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen

Procedure Time:

• Approximately 30 minutes

Recovery Time:

• Zero downtime
• Muscle soreness can be expected

Realistic Results:

• Results become visible within weeks and can be permanent
• Muscular activity and growth equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches

How Much Does EmSculpt® NEO Cost?

The cost of EmSculpt® NEO treatments will vary depending on the number of treatment sessions needed to deliver your desired results. The best way to determine the cost of your EmSculpt® NEO treatment is to schedule your consultation at Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics. We’ll help you develop an EmSculpt® NEO treatment plan and identify the exact cost of treatment. We also offer financing options to keep this and other treatments as affordable as possible.


What Happens During an EmSculpt® NEO Treatment?

During the EmSculpt® NEO treatment, you will lie down while the EmSculpt® NEO device is placed onto the desired treatment area. As treatment begins, you will feel the radiofrequency and HIFEM energy being emitted. You may feel a slight warming sensation as well as strong muscle contractions. This is not considered to be a painful experience, as it is more likened to the feeling of muscular exercise.



What Can I Expect After an EmSculpt® NEO Treatment?

There is no downtime required after an EmSculpt® NEO treatment, so you will be able to return to all activities, including exercise, immediately following your appointment. Due to the treatment’s muscular stimulation, you can expect some muscle soreness in the days following your treatment. This is not unlike the soreness experienced after a workout, and should not affect your daily activities.


How Long Do the Results of an EmSculpt® NEO Treatment Last?

EmSculpt® NEO produces long-lasting results by eliminating fat cells and enhancing muscle mass. These results can be permanent, but only when you are able to maintain diet and exercise habits that support your new figure.



Am I A Good Candidate for EmSculpt® NEO?

As a non-invasive treatment, EmSculpt® NEO is a safe body sculpting solution that is suitable for most patients, including those with a BMI up to 35. If you are looking for a way to enhance the figure without surgical methods, you may be a good candidate for EmSculpt® NEO. However, the best way to determine your candidacy for this treatment is to schedule a consultation with one of our team members. We’ll help you determine if EmSculpt® NEO is right for you!

To learn more about EmSculpt® NEO or schedule your initial consultation, contact us today. Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics is proud to offer this and other medical spa solutions to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. We welcome patients from Shiloh, O’Fallon, Belleville and the surrounding regions of Southern Illinois.