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Advances in body sculpting are being made every year and Pure 111 has one of the best – EmSculpt Neo.  

Now there is one, non-invasive treatment that eliminates fat and builds muscle. The body-shaping sessions only take 30 minutes, without any recovery time. Within three months, you have a leaner body with more muscle tone.  

What is EmSculpt Neo? 

EmSculpt Neo uses both high-intensity electromagnetic energy and radio frequency to simultaneously build and tone muscle and eliminate unwanted body fat. Using the two technologies together not only improves results but also saves you time and money. You see results faster, and both treatments are included in the single session.  

How EmSculpt Neo Works 

EmSculpt Neo uses an applicator that emits both high-intensity electromagnetic energy and radio frequency pulses into the target area, whether it’s your abdomen, buttocks, flanks, arms or legs.  

The electromagnetic energy forces your muscles to contract. As your muscles continue to pull in, the motion causes them to gradually strengthen. New muscle tissue and fibers are formed, giving you more strength and tone.  

Your muscles are also targeted by the radio frequencies. The radio waves cause your muscles to rapidly heat up. Warmer muscles are more prepared to deal with stress, and less likely to strain and become sore.  

The radio frequencies emitted by the EmSculpt Neo applicator warm your muscles up to a temperature when apoptosis occurs. This is when fat cells are damaged, and your body naturally gets rid of them. It only takes 4 minutes for your muscles to reach this level. An EmSculpt NEO session does the same thing as a long warm-up and grueling workout routine.  

What to Expect from EmSculpt Neo 

EmSculpt Neo is non-invasive. You don’t need any recovery time. The combined therapies heat muscles and induce intense contractions. You will feel the heat and your muscles tightening. In fact, a 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 crunches. It is also targeting involuntary muscles that you would never be able to work out. Not sure about you but I have never heard of someone doing 20,000 crunches. A bonus to the treatment is the endorphin release you typically get after a great workout. 

The process isn’t painful because it is customized to your threshold. Clinical studies show that patients on average lose 30 percent of their body fat and gain around 20 percent more muscle mass.  

Look and Feel Better with EmSculpt Neo 

Stop in on your lunch break, the procedure only takes 30 minutes. There aren’t any incisions or lasers that irritate your skin.  

In plenty of time for summer swimwear, you’ll be beach ready. Fat cells will be toned, and stubborn fat has seemingly melted away.  

Bring a friend or significant other and get treated at the same time (abs only). Then you’re getting fit and saving money since it’s two for the price of one. 

So whether you are wanting to jump-start your workout routine or supplement what you already do, come see us for a free consultation and prepare to be Wowed. 

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