Kybella: Say Goodbye to Double Chin 

Kybella® in O'Fallon, IL

What is Kybella? 

Welcome to Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics in Fairview Heights, Illinois where we are thrilled to introduce KYBELLA®. Enhancing facial symmetry and rejuvenating the neck, KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injectable product that revolutionizes non-invasive fat reduction in the submental area. Bid farewell to the “double chin” and embrace a stunning profile that allows you to confidently showcase your beauty! 

How it Works 

KYBELLA® consists of synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body. The active ingredient effectively metabolizes and absorbs dietary fat, aiding in the reduction of fullness under the chin. During your consultation with our experienced practitioners, we will carefully evaluate the suitability of KYBELLA® injections based on your specific requirements.

A comprehensive discussion will be held to determine the recommended number of treatments. Our highly skilled providers will administer the injections using precise placement techniques to ensure optimal outcomes. The injections are administered using a tiny needle, causing minimal discomfort akin to slight “pinches”. Post-treatment, you may experience temporary swelling as the targeted fat cells are depleted, eliciting a localized inflammatory response. This swelling generally subsides within a month. 


KYBELLA® in Fairview Heights is specifically formulated to efficiently and permanently eliminate surplus fat cells. Upon elimination, these cells are incapable of storing or accumulating fat, obviating the need for additional treatment once aesthetic objectives are met. KYBELLA® offers patients a reliable solution for reducing their double chin without the need for surgical intervention. 

What is the difference between Kybella and other facial treatments? 

KYBELLA® is the sole FDA-approved non-surgical injectable treatment for adults aiming to enhance the appearance and profile of moderate to severe submental fat, commonly referred to as “double chin.” 


What It Treats – KYBELLA® is an effective treatment for stubborn submental fat and unwanted submental fullness. 

Procedure Time – Procedure time is approximately 15-20 minutes per treatment. 

Recovery Time – Recovery time takes up to a month. 

Realistic Results – Results are noticible after 12 weeks or 2 to 3 sessions.  

What To Expect Before a Kybella Injection 

Prior to your KYBELLA®  procedure, a comprehensive consultation with a skilled practitioner will be conducted. This initial meeting will involve a comprehensive discussion of your aesthetic objectives and concerns pertaining to submental fat. The practitioner will evaluate your chin profile and overall well-being to assess the suitability of Kybella as the optimal solution for you. 

 If KYBELLA® is determined to be appropriate, the provider will develop a tailored treatment plan encompassing the recommended number of sessions and anticipated outcomes. Additionally, you will receive pre-treatment instructions from the provider, which may encompass avoiding blood-thinning medications, alcoholic beverages, and specific supplements that could potentially heighten the risk of bruising. 

What To Expect During a Kybella Injection 

One of our highly skilled providers will administer the KYBELLA® injections strategically, using the smallest possible needle to minimize discomfort. Immediately after treatment, you may experience a mild achy sensation for approximately 10  to 15 minutes. During this time, expect swelling as the fat cells are destroyed, resulting in temporary inflammation that typically subsides within 4 to 5 days. 

What To Expect After a Kybella Injection 

After the KYBELLA® treatment, you’ll experience immediate effects and a gradual transformation over the following weeks. As time goes by, you’ll notice the KYBELLA®  gradually reducing the targeted fat cells, resulting in a more defined chin and jawline.

Typically, patients require two to four treatments spaced a month apart to achieve their desired outcome. Attending all recommended follow-up appointments is crucial to monitor progress and ensure the treatment is effective. Over time, the body metabolizes and eliminates the destroyed fat cells, uncovering a sculpted and youthful appearance. 

Kybella® Before and After Pictures O'Fallon, IL
What are the primary benefits of Kybella?

KYBELLA® offers several benefits: 

– It effectively removes fat under the chin, also known as a double chin. 

– It gives you a slimmer and more defined chin and jawline. 

– It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. 

– Once the fat is eliminated, it is permanently gone. 

How soon can I see results after a Kybella treatment?

Visible results can be observed within a duration of 12 weeks or after 2-3 sessions. 

How many Kybella sessions are typically required for visible results?

The number of treatment sessions needed depends on the amount of fat under the chin and your treatment goals. Generally, 2-4 treatments are required at 1-2 month intervals. In certain situations, up to 5 or 6 treatments may be necessary for optimal results. 

What is the recovery time after a Kybella treatment session?

After the procedure, you can get back to work on the same day. However, there will be swelling for up to a week and sometimes up to a month. 

Can Kybella be used to target fat in other areas of the body?

KYBELLA® is exclusively FDA-approved  for the reduction of submental fat, commonly referred to as “double chin”. 

Is Kybella safe, and are there any potential side effects?

KYBELLA® is a proven and safe treatment. Common side effects may include swelling, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area.  

How long do the results of Kybella treatment last?

KYBELLA® is a fat reduction treatment that involves injecting it into the fat under the chin. This leads to the destruction of fat cells, resulting in permanent fat reduction in the treated area.

The eliminated cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. To prevent the recurrence of a double chin due to significant weight gain, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. Further treatment is generally unnecessary once your aesthetic goals have been achieved.

Is there a specific age range for Kybella candidates?

KYBELLA® is FDA-approved for adults aged 18 and older.  

What should I expect during a Kybella treatment session?

During treatment, one of our skilled providers will strategically place the KYBELLA® injections using a tiny needle. Immediately after the treatment, you may experience a mild achy feeling for 10 to 15 minutes. Swelling will occur during this time as the fat cells are destroyed, leading to inflammation. The swelling should subside within a month. 

Are there any restrictions on physical activities after Kybella treatment?

Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours after treatment. 

What is the cost range for a Kybella treatment session?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the extent and area of treatments. 

Does insurance typically cover Kybella treatments?

KYBELLA® is considered a cosmetic procedure and is typically not covered by insurance. 

Are there any pre-treatment or post-treatment guidelines I should follow?

Before your KYBELLA®  treatment, it is advised to avoid blood thinners, such as aspirin, for two weeks. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours following the treatment. Detailed post-procedure skincare instructions will be provided to guide you in the proper care of your skin. It is advisable to abstain from massaging the treated area, and ice compresses can help with any swelling after treatment. 

About Kybella®

Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics

What It Treats:

• Stubborn fat beneath the chin
• Unwanted submental fullness


Procedure Time:

• 15-20 minutes per treatment

Recovery Time:

• One month

Realistic Results:

• Noticable after 12 weeks or 2-3 sessions

Kybella® Before and After Pictures O'Fallon, IL

You no longer have to live with a double chin or undergo extensive surgery to tone your jowls. Kybella® can do the work of eliminating extra fat without surgery. If you are considering Kybella® injections in O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh, or the surrounding areas of Illinois, contact Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics to schedule a free consultation.