Keravive™ by HydraFacial®

HydraFacial® in O'Fallon, IL

What is Keravive™ by HydraFacial®?

Keravive™ is a treatment by HydraFacial® that is designed to improve scalp health. By improving the health of the scalp, we can directly improve the health and appearance of the hair, delivering healthier and fuller-looking hair. Scalp conditions such as clogged follicles, dry skin and a lack of circulation, could directly contribute to thinner-looking hair. Even if you take great care of your hair, your hair volume and appearance may be restricted by your scalp health. With Keravive™, we can nourish and enhance the scalp to produce the healthiest hair possible.

What are the Benefits of Keravive™?

The main benefits of Keravive™ are its ability to produce healthier and fuller-looking hair.
However, the benefits don’t stop there. Keravive™ also offers the following:

Comfortable, non-surgical treatment method
No downtime or severe side effects
Boosts the efficacy of hair loss treatments
Including oral, topical, laser and surgical therapies
Results in as little as one treatment, but for better results 3 treatments are recommended.

About Keravive™ by HydraFacial®

Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics

What It Treats:

• Scalp dryness and congestion

• Poor circulation

• Produces fuller-looking hair

Procedure Time:

• Approximately 30 minutes

Recovery Time:

• No recovery time needed

• Little to no side effects

Realistic Results:

•  Best results after three monthly treatments

•  Fuller looking hair, improved scalp health and improved hair loss treatment efficacy

How Does the Keravive™ Treatment Work?

The Keravive™ treatment is quite similar to the renowned 3-step HydraFacial® treatment. During your in-office visit, we will use the proprietary HydraFacial® device to perform the 3-step Keravive™ treatment. First, we will exfoliate the scalp to remove oil, dirt and other impurities from the skin. Then, we will hydrate and nourish the skin using growth factors and helpful proteins. These powerful ingredients will provide the scalp with everything it needs for healthy, full hair. You will receive the HF Keravive™ Peptide Complex Spray to take home, for daily use this spray will continue to extend and enhance the results of your treatment.

What Can I Expect After My Keravive™ Treatment?

After the Keravive™ treatment, you will be able to return to work and other usual activities immediately. You can even resume washing your hair as usual. Most patients experience a noticeable improvement in scalp health, specifically scalp dryness, scalp itchiness and hair fullness. Your results will continue to improve in the months following treatment and as additional treatments are received. We recommend a series of three treatment sessions, each one month apart.

Is Keravive™ Right for Me?

Keravive™ is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment that is effective for all skin and hair types. For these reasons, it is an ideal treatment for nearly any patient who is looking to improve the thickness of their hair.