Our Expertise, Your Transformation

As an advanced practice nurse and the President of Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics, Amy Katsikas has over 10 years experience in cosmetic injectables such as Botox cosmetic and dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane. 


As an expert in the field, she has personally trained both of her nurse injectors, Laura Schutze and Susan Thomas, on how to safely and properly inject to create a natural and beautiful result.

She has seen them flourish and excel in this industry so much so that she finds herself asking their advice and opinion on many occasions

Amy is proud to say “They have each gone on to specialize in certain niches within this industry as well, such as Y lift, Sculptra, and the best lip fillers you will find anywhere.”     

What sets Pure 111 apart is their constant commitment to advanced training and staying on the cutting edge of technology.

  “Education is key, Katsikas says.  “You will never be fully educated or stop learning in this business since it’s growing every year and new products, procedures, and techniques are popping up.”

   Their aesthetician, Kelly, is no exception. Because of her education and experience in light therapy, Pure 111 is now ranked in the Top 100 HALO providers in the country.

Pure 111 is one of the top 500 practices in the nation as ranked by Galderma Pharmaceuticals (the makers of Dysport and Restylane 

Our goal at Pure 111 is to give our clients CONFIDENCE in their daily lives because confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.” 

Sabrina Carpenter 

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