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Medical spa treatments are excellent for giving your skin a boost in health and correcting chronic issues, such as acne and wrinkles, but at-home skin care is key. The way that you take care of your skin extends the results of treatments and delays the need for advanced services to remedy problems. 

What Are Medical-Grade Skin Care Products?

Medical-grade, prescription-strength skin care is founded upon extensive research and the science of skin health. The products are not designed to cover up issues like the products that you find in the consumer market. Medical-grade skincare is designed to give your skin what it needs to heal properly and be resilient to sun damage, signs of aging, and other problems.

Why Should I Consider Medical-Grade Skin Care Products?

You invest a great deal of time and money into your skincare products, but the results are lacking. You either see no change to your skin or only short-term benefits. Skin problems are indications that your skin is starved for certain nutrients and substances, or that your skin is damaged. Medical-grade skin care products are prescription-based to give you truly healthy skin.

How Much Do Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Cost?

There is oftentimes a misconception that medical-grade products cost more but that is not the case. The cost of your medical-grade skin care products varies based on factors that are determined as part of your free consultation. We evaluate your skin and ask you about what you want to change. You choose the products that you feel are best for your needs.



What Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Are Offered at Pure 111?

We offer numerous well-known, trusted brands in skin care in addition to our own brand of skin care products. Some of these products are available for purchase directly in our medical spa, while others are available for online purchase through our website.


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One Eleven Medical Skin Care

Our exclusive skincare line, One Eleven was scientifically developed using the highest standards of pharmaceutical chemistry, addressing a wide range of dermatologic conditions and skin care goals.





Using a proprietary blend of botanical ingredients, Epionce® products are scientifically proven to reveal healthier, younger-looking skin.




ALASTIN Skincare®

ALASTIN Skincare® offers products for daily use, pre-treatment, and post-treatment. Their treatment line helps your skin heal faster and enhances the results of your medical spa treatments. The routine ALASTIN Skincare® line renews and restores skin.




jane iredale®

The original mineral makeup, Jane iredale® combines the coverage of makeup with the benefits of great skin care products. You can expect a natural, full-coverage finish without the skin damage associated with makeup application and long-term wear. Plus, the products contain sunscreen. That’s a win-win-win!


Pure 111 also carries Jane iredale® skincare supplements. Nourish skin at its deepest level with vitamin-rich, all-natural daily skincare supplements. Supplements are designed for the signs of aging, dry, and irritated skin.



PURE® RX Acne Products

PURE® RX offers medical-grade skin care using natural ingredients to help with common skin concerns, such as acne.




Why Should I Choose Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics for My Medical-Grade Skin Care Products?

At Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics, we help you achieve aesthetic goals that are defined by how you want to face the world. We understand that you have many options for your medical-grade skin care products. What sets Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics apart is that we go beyond performing the basic steps of your treatments. We appreciate the dimensions and complexities that are unique to your face, and our approach is to bring out your best features while correcting areas that are most concerning to you.

Medical-grade skin care gives you the results you’ve desired, but never found with consumer-level products. If you are considering medical-grade skin care products in O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh, or the surrounding areas of Illinois, contact Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics to schedule a free consultation.