Having acne can feel devastating for a teenager. Just when our appearance becomes so important and we want to look our best, acne can begin. Studies show that having acne lowers self-esteem and can lead to depression and anxiety. Our goal at Pure 111 is to intervene early and help to avoid these long-term consequences and increase self-confidence.


Acne commonly affects people once they enter puberty, as production of the hormone androgen increases, resulting in more oil production in the skin. Acne develops when oil (sebaceous) glands around the hair follicles become plugged. Bacteria grow in the trapped oil and irritate the glands, causing redness, pain, and swelling. While acne commonly appears on the face, it can also develop on the neck, chest, shoulders, and back. Acne symptoms can range from mild (occasional outbreaks of individual pimples) to severe (frequent eruptions of swollen and deep cysts).


How acne is treated depends on the type of acne you have and how severe it is. Topical and oral medications, such as antibiotics, retinoids, and other preparations are typically used as the first course of treatment. Medications vary in their effectiveness and have to be taken for a period of time for improvement to become noticeable.

Pure 111 also offers a specific Acne Peel that not only treats active acne but also improves skin tone, texture, and radiance. Medications vary in their effectiveness and have to be taken for a period of time for improvement to become noticeable.

One of our favorite treatments is the Forever Clear BBL™ acne treatment. Broad Band Light (BBL™) is the most powerful form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and it works by delivering light energy deep into the skin to target the sebaceous glands and remove acne-causing bacteria.

Regardless of which treatment is used, a medical-grade skincare regimen is a must to keep acne at bay. At Pure 111, we offer a Teen Acne kit that is easy to use and extremely effective.


Acne scars are the result of inflamed blemishes that leave dark and red spots on your face that last for a very long time if they go untreated. Although some acne scars may heal quickly, some need to be professionally treated to see results. At Pure 111, we use a combination of our HALO laser and microneedling to help minimize acne scars and improve appearance and overall self-esteem.


Stress from the pandemic, as well as the local irritation from your mask, can make maskne more likely. When you breathe or talk, your mask tends to trap in a lot of hot air. Besides being annoying, this air creates a warm, humid environment — and an ideal setting for yeast, bacteria, and other flora to grow. These bacterial imbalances and friction from your mask can promote acne and Rosacea flare-ups as well as something called perioral dermatitis. This is when fine pimples and pustules appear around the nose and mouth.


A good foaming cleanser will help keep your skin clean and calm. If your skin is more acne-prone, using products with salicylic acid is recommended. Keep your mask clean and dry or opt for a disposable one.

At Pure 111, we can design a customized acne treatment program for each individual patient based on his or her condition, lifestyle, and goals.