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Amy Katsikas

Nurse Practitioner in O'Fallon, IL

Amy Katsikas


Amy received her Master’s of Science degree in Nursing from St. Louis University and then went on to obtain her Advanced Practice certification. She has extensive experience in multiple facets of medicine. These include neurosurgery, ENT, plastic surgery and head and neck cancer. She opened Pure 111 because of her true passion….skin, anti aging and the artistry of Aesthetics.

She prides herself on continually learning the latest advancements and techniques of aesthetic injecting since client safety is the number one priority. Amy insists that her staff perform an in depth consultation with every client and offer immediate options as well as lay out a long term plan to keep all our clients looking beautiful, youthful and natural.

Amy has personally trained the other injectors at Pure 111 so that they all share the same thought process regarding a holistic approach to anti aging and rejuvenation. “It’s like we share the same minds when it comes to product selection and technique for their clients.” So any client can be assured they will get the same high quality and expertise in their treatment no matter the provider.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to have the ability to make an instant change to someone who is unhappy with their appearance. Anyone can inject, but not everyone knows how to look at the face with its complexities and dimensions and inject fillers in a way that properly restores a youthful look.” – Amy Katsikas